Meet The 2015 Teen Choice Pro-Social Honorees

Meet The 2015 Teen Choice Pro-Social Honorees

1. Kritika Singh: Worldwide Malaria Education

 • 17 years old from Virginia - High School Senior
 • Founder of Malaria Free World, a not for profit organization dedicated  to supporting malaria eradication efforts and raising awareness about  malaria, particularly within the often neglected arena of today's youth
 • Featured TedTalk speaker/Interning at Harvard School of Public  Health

2. Claire Wineland: Role model for disabled

•18 years old from Los Angeles
•Recent graduate with cystic fibrosis, a life threatening genetic condition that causes massive fluid build up in the lungs
•Founded Claire's Place Foundation, a non profit that provides support and grants to children and families affected by the disease
•Set-up "Clairity Project" web/YouTube site - humorous/light hearted look at living with the disease

3. Madison Vorva: Environmental Advocate/Girl Scout

•19 year old from Michigan - Sophomore at Pomona College
•Was able to get Girls Scouts and Kellogg's to stop using Palm Oil in Girl Scout Cookies. Unsustainable palm oil production leads to deforestation in Rain Forests. Formed - Project Orangs (Orangutans Really Appreciate and Need Girl Scouts) was the organization she and friend Rhiannon Tomtishem formed to make this happen. First time in 101 year history of Girl Scouts that policy change was directed by member girls
•Works with consumers to show how their everyday purchases have global impacts.


4. Sophia Sanchez-Maes:  Clean Energy Engineer/Algae converts to energy

•16 years old from Las Cruces, New Mexico – entering Yale this Fall.
•Developed a technology to use algae as a clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy source
•Exhibited at March 2015 White House Science Fair/Hispanic Heritage Foundation Gold Award in Engineering and Mathematics/2-time Junior Olympian in Cross Country



5. Katie Stagliano:  Helping Feed America's Poor

•16 years old from Summerville, South Carolina - Rising High School Junior
•Formed Not For Profit - Katie's Krops - that builds vegetable gardens across the country to help feed the poor. Currently has set up 83 gardens in 31 states
•Katie got this started when she was in the 3rd grade, growing a 40lb cabbage that fed 275 people at the local soup kitchen
•Clinton Global Citizens Award Winner





6. Rebecca Dharmapalan:  Filmmaker/Documentary on Child Sex Trafficking

•19 years old from Oakland, California - Rising Sophomore at Cal/Berkeley 
•Seeing sex trafficking in her own neighborhood, Rebecca made an award-winning documentary entitled "International Boulevard" that addressed the problem in her neighborhood in Oakland 
•Won Grand Prize at 2013 Girls Impact The World International Film Festival Chairperson for City of Oakland Youth Commission. Specializes in CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) Prevention Department.


7. Erica Jean Schenk: Plus Sized Model

•18 years old from Los Angeles (now New York City) - Incoming Freshman at Pepperdine University.
•First plus-sized model to make the cover of Women's Running magazine. This month's edition.
•Now signed to Wilhelmina Models.
•Speaks about body image issues young women have growing up.






8. Makdes Hailu : Race Relations/Filmmaker and Counselor

•17 years old from Silver Spring, Md. - Starting Freshman year at Towson State University.
•Created a YouTube video to address struggle of African American and Hispanic students at a predominantly white High School, entitled "I Too, am Bethedsa-Chevy Chase (name of high school).
•Video very successful in opening up conversations and perceptions of race in their school. Strong national attention to efforts.
•Very relevant after what happened in Baltimore several months ago.

9. Julia Poe: LGBT Teen Educator 

•18 years old from Prairie Village, Kansas
•Incoming freshman at University of Southern California
•Worked in high school to spread awareness and tolerance of non-heterosexual lifestyles and labels among her peers
•Named 2015 National High School Journalist of the year

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